ED56542F-187D-47F3-A245-5E605548D9E2WonderWolf is Gideon Kretschmer, a South African/German songwriter, musician and producer now based in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Gideon picked up the guitar at age 13, and started writing his own songs from day one. Over the years he’s played in a number of successful bands, toured extensively, released albums, started his own recording studio and written and recorded countless tracks for himself and other independent artists.

WonderWolf is a way of giving this creativity some renewed focus and direction, a way to share new creations with others.

A big part of the fun in creating music is the collaborative energy of working with other like minded creatives, and WonderWolf is also meant to explore this – collaborating with other musicians from different backgrounds and styles to create something interesting.


WonderWolf is a definite contrast in style and sound – from laid back melodic pop/ folk ballads all the way through to heavy and hard rock/emo/post hard core sounds. Exploring parallels between light and dark, heavy and soft. The name WonderWolf is meant to represent this conflict – the light and positive energy of wonder and the dark mysteries of the wolf.

Music is my solace, music is my lifeblood.

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